Monday, June 05, 2006

Genta Ismajli Euro Video Grand Prix

EURO VIDEO GRAND PRIX 2006 (3rd June 2006)

The show
The best european video festival is concluded with two winners, Reinhold Bilgeri from Czech Republic and Olena Grebenyuk from Ukraine. Albania represented by Genta Ismajli was classified in the third place. The 27 participants performed under the Triumph Arc, standing on the stage of Congresses Centre Hall, and were introduced by Alketa Veisiu and Edward Villaume, while their videos shown up on three big monitors, mixing with the schenography of the hall. The music was miscellaneous, starting with rhythmic, ballads, a few lyrical notes, etc. It was an Eurovision song contest atmosphere not competing for the best song, but for the best video clip. Most of the singers were coming for the first time in Albania and in the albanian stage. There were some of them, returning in this festival, such as Severina from Croatia and the wellknown macedonian singer Toshe Projevski. In the stage came the winner of Sanremo, Povia, and the fouth place of this year Eurovision, Mihai Traistorue. Albania was represented by the kosovarian singer Genta Ismajli. The hollywood albanian ancestry actress Eliza Dushku, went to the stage to salute the participants and the festival.

The voting
After the presentation of all the videos and the performance of the singers, each member of the jury voted to choose the best seven videos. The voting system was similar to that in the Eurovision song contest. The third place was voted with 7 points, the second with 8, and the first with 9 points. Instead for the other clips, the voting started by incrementing from 1 point. The festival director Vera Grabocka, accredited the special prize to the italian singer Povia.
Evaluated equally with 104 points form the jury, Bilgeri from Czech Republic and Grebenyuk from Ukraine gained the first place. Albania ranked in the third place for the best european video clip.

The winners

First place: Czech Republic and Ukraine
Third place: Albania
Special Prize: Italy

Watch Genta below singing "Possessive" (alb. Posesiv):